Sponsored Athlete Program

We are looking for athletes to sponsor. Our fundraising program is a simple one. Look for an event you would like to participate in. This can be any sporting event from running a 5k or Ultramarathon, Archery competition, weightlifting to the CrossFit Games. The choice is yours. Contact us to look over the contract and get some helpful fundraising advice.

At the signing of the contract, T:O will provide the Athlete with a gender specific Technical T-shirt.

What are some of the perks to being sponsored? Other than having your race paid for in full by Team: Overwatch:

  • Athletes will be given a 15% discount code to be used on merchandise (athletic apparel only) sold on the T:O website. This code can be passed out to anyone and everyone and $5 of every sale will count towards the target fundraising amount. 
  • Athletes will receive a unique finishers medal from Team: Overwatch, a synopsis of their event and the beneficiary of their efforts.
  • The best perk of all. If an Athlete completes three events in support of Team: Overwatch; 10% of the total amount they raised over the period of those three events will be put towards any event of the Athletes choosing - with no fundraising required. A fourth competition FOR FREE. Your commitment to our beloved Veterans, Caregivers and their families deserves to be recognized and commended.
  • 100% of all funds raised goes to supporting our military families. Team: Overwatch staff and the Board of Directors operate sole on a volunteer basis. 

The formula for fundraising is below. While it may seem like a lot to raise, T:O has a booklet full of fundraising ideas and tips to help you reach your goal.

The minimum amount to be raised is based on the event cost. We ask that you raise 500% of the event fee. A typical 5k running event costs $50 or less. That means you only need to raise $250! Additionally, T:O has some amazing fundraising tips and ideas to help you reach your goal—we will help in any way we can to see you succeed.