Endomondo Gear Review

The Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of the better fitness trackers out there.  It is one of the only ones that is available on all major mobile GUI platforms (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS).  For this review, I will be using my own experiences with the Windows Phone 8.1 version of the app.

The main screen is very easy to figure out.  There are time and distance trackers in large print and pace and calorie trackers in small print, but still easy to read.  Press “play” and start your run and Endomondo will do the rest!  It's really that simple!

If you swipe to the right, it will show you all of your training history.  You can press any one of the workouts and a detailed screen will pop up with all standard tracking information.

The Newsfeed section will show you what your friends on Endomondo have been up to.  Has David been running more than me this month?  That answer is usually “yes”, so I have to get out there and pound some pavement to catch up!  And your friends can, likewise, see your training, as well.  This is a great motivational tool for “virtual training” with a partner who you may be separated by either distance or schedule conflicts.

Press the little gear at the bottom and you will bring up the Settings menu.  Here, you can adjust your personal health information, change miles to kilometers and back, and a few other things.  One option that I find useful is the Auto Pause.  With this activated, while I am standing still waiting on a red light, the tracker will pause itself and only begin tracking again once I've begun moving.  This way, you get a more accurate report from your actual running.  Beware… don't pace around or it will track that, too!

That's pretty much it for the app, which is very straightforward and very easy to use.  The website integration brings more information that you can use to assist you with your training.  There, you can see all of the same information as in the app, but with some added options, as well.  For example, you can pick a workout and you can see a map of the course that you ran with elevation included.

One of my favorite options on the website is the Virtual Coach.  If your friend is out running, you can track them on a map live.  If you want, you can type messages to them that will be sent to their headphones.  For example, if David is slacking it and only running an 8 minute mile, I can type in “Hey!  Put out slow-poke!” and it will be converted to audio and sent to him!

This reminds me!  If you pair your Endomondo app with your music, you can even see what the runner is listening to and when reviewing your own training, you can see exactly what you were listening to at any given point in a run.  This may serve to help some people.  For me, it seems that my pace is always faster when I'm listening to Volbeat than when I'm listening to Selena Gómez.  Figure that one out…. 

Happy Training!