Book - Ultramarathon Man

               The book ‘Ultra Marathon Man’ by Dean Karnazes is incredible. It is incredible not just because he can run some extreme distances and seemingly never tired, but how he started. Seeing his life stuck in a downward spiral of 12 hour workdays and drunken repetition he finally had enough and returned to his running roots. Some of his more renowned antics are running for 350 miles straight, ran a marathon in the South Pole in -40 degrees and completed 50 marathons in 50 days finishing with the New York City Marathon (in 3 hours flat no less).

               Dean’s drive and ambition are jealousy inspiring. He seems to have boundless energy reserves and has a calm, understated delivery when talking about his exploits. He comes across as a man who doesn’t know exactly how he is able to do what he does, just knows that’s what he wants to be doing and doesn’t allow anything to stand in his way, including excuses.

               His books are simple and quick reads. He talks honestly about his life when growing up, and how he found running again. The book is definitely worth reading if you are searching for motivation to get up and get out or if you simply want to gleam some long distance secrets from this pseudo-diety dubbed ‘Karno’ by his friends and family.