Book - RUN!

Karno is at it again in RUN! In this second installment of running insanity, Dean Karnazes details some of his ‘crazier’ exploits. RUN! Is comprised of 26 (26.2 actually) stories and outlines everything from blisters to bliss. He writes at a level any age can understand and anyone can appreciate his sense of humor. Dean is a little quirky and has odd tendencies – like running for 4 days straight with no sleep. He might come off as egotisctical to some but he doesn’t write his books for self-praise. He writes because he wants to share his story, his ability and make others see that they can achieve incredible things when they decide they want to. All-in-all, another great read from Dean and the stories are short enough to fit into a busy work or training schedule.

- David