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Team: Overwatch - Open-water beer tow. What?!

You've never heard of an open-water beer tow?

Well, yeah. We kind of just made it up. Sam, a member of TO's board of directors, is totally hooked on open-water swimming, but she needed a challenge so here we are. 

On Sept. 21, 2014, Sam will be swimming a mile in the chilly Puget Sound waters, towing a keg of home-brewed beer to a private beach party for our backers. Our goal is to raise $2500 for Team: Overwatch (TO). Once we get there, we'll be sending you a personal invitation and thank you with the location of our event. Beer, BBQ, prizes, and fun - all for a minimum donation of $20. 

So what is Team: Overwatch and how can you get involved? 

Team: Overwatch is a veteran-based nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for our nation's wounded warriors via incredible - and sometimes unusual - feats of athleticism. Be it a bay swim or a bomb-suit run, our goal is to give back to a community whose members have given their all for our country.

Each year, we identify and select a different veteran organization to help by donating fundraising proceeds and support for their events. This year, TO is raising money to support the EOD Warrior Foundation, an organization offering financial relief, education, and community building services to veterans and their families.

You, personally, can get involved by donating, coming to our events, and helping us get our name out there! We are a fairly new organization, having only just been founded in March, so we'd appreciate any and all support. 

So thank you for taking a moment to check out our cause and consider a donation. We know there are a lot of organizations out there competing for your dollars. We're working on the paperwork, but Team: Overwatch can't currently offer a tax deduction for your contribution. That being said, we do have some awesome perks! Check out our Go Get Funding page for more information and stay tuned for updates!