how you can help right now

We're currently fundraising for Corbin Clements, a 3-year-old twin who has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Epilepsy and Autism. We're assisting the family by raising $17,000—the cost of a dog that will be a companion and help ease Corbin's anxiety in busy places (airports, parks, etc.). Perhaps most importantly, this dog can smell the chemical signals put off by an oncoming seizure by up to a minute. Sean Clements is a veteran and the family as a whole has put an extraordinary effort into raising the money on their own before asking for any help. 

Team: Overwatch is sponsoring a Ragnar Trail Relay Team! If you would like to donate, please select the donate button below and enter your athletes name in the field provided. A general donation may also be made. 100% of the donations made will go to supporting the Clements Family.