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our mission

we work to ensure there are no obstacles for our veterans and active duty warriors who have been injured in conflict. We strive to heighten visibility for our wounded warriors and their journey to adapt to a new life—to enable them the freedom they had prior to being injured.


how you can help right now

We're currently fundraising for Corbin Clements, a 3-year-old twin who has been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, Epilepsy and Autism. We're assisting the family by raising $17,000—the cost of a dog that will be a companion and help ease Corbin's anxiety in busy places (airports, parks, etc.). Perhaps most importantly, this dog can smell the chemical signals put off by an oncoming seizure by up to a minute. Sean Clements is a veteran and the family as a whole has put an extraordinary effort into raising the money on their own before asking for any help. 

Team: Overwatch is sponsoring a Ragnar Trail Relay Team! If you would like to donate, please select the donate button below and enter your athletes name in the field provided. A general donation may also be made. 100% of the donations made will go to supporting the Clements Family.


who we are

Originally, Team: Overwatch formally came together to raise money for various military non-profits as an athletic team. We focus on building a community that unites veterans, active duty, families and local businesses that can help prevent stopping points in the road to recovery for families or service-members that are recovering from loss or wounds.

support our mission

We understand there are many other charities to chose from. At Team: Overwatch, our focus is to form a network beginning in our own community and branching out. There are many different options for care for our military families, many of them small and largely unknown. We not only unite them in a common outlet, but strive to promote them. 


All merchandise sales sustain Team: Overwatch operational costs. This enables us to do more with monetary and in-kind donations. Our diverse staff is constantly seeking new ways to connect with the various military communities and programs. Through this partnership, we are able to promote the best option for the family.



We are looking for athletes to sponsor. Our fundraising program is a simple one. Look for an event you would like to participate in. This can be any sporting event from running a 5k or Ultramarathon, Archery competition, weightlifting to the CrossFit Games. The choice is yours. Contact us to look over the contract and get some helpful fundraising advice.



Contact us for more information on additional sponsorship opportunities.


Donate to us without spending an extra cent! Set your preferences to shop at and select Team: Overwatch as your favorite charity.



what we've achieved

— $30,000 raised in less than 3 years

— 93% of donations go directly to helping the families we support

— 100% volunteer owned and operateD


Contact Us

If you're interested in becoming part of the Team, want to say hi or come up with a customized challenge, fill out the form below! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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general inquiries

Call us at (206) 371-4781, or email David at